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Best Practices for Preventing Water Hammer in Combined Cycle Attemporation Systems

Attemperation systems are used in power plant steam systems to control steam temperature by injecting sub-cooled water into superheated steam lines. Also known as desuperheaters, these systems reduce the amount of superheat present in the steam but are designed to avoid reducing temperatures all the way down to the saturation point where saturated water may occur in the piping. These systems rely on the enthalply difference between the high pressure, sub-cooled water and the superheated steam to reduce the outlet steam enthalply and the outlet steam temperature through evaporation of the injected water. Read More>>

MPR's Carroll and Buckingham Share Experience and Best Practices for Preventing Water Hammer Events in Combined Cycle Attemperation Systems

November 7, 2014

Water hammer incidents in combined cycle power plant attemperation systems can create extremely dangerous conditions. Some of the consequences of water hammer events are so serious that high energy steam piping systems can literally jump off their supports, thereby endangering plant personnel and causing extended plant outages to repair the subsequent damage. Read More>>